German Shepherd And Cat Fight Each Other… What A Sweetest Manner From Cat’s Side This Dog Deserves! An Adorable Battle!


Everyone knows the stereotype about cats and dogs. Though they are both the most popular house pets, they couldn’t be more different. Dogs are known to be obedient, while cats are seen as independent. They are also known as the sworn enemies of the animal world. Thus the phrase, “fight like cats and dogs.” The very definition of the phrase is “to have angry arguments all the time.”

And if you’ve ever seen cats and dogs that don’t know each other in real life, then you’ll know this is for the most part true. There are circumstances when cats and dogs who’ve grown up together do get along. However, in some households, the dogs and cats remain mortal enemies. It’s difficult to assess the relationship between two pawed critters who are making their rounds on the internet.

The cat makes the first move, swiping at the dog’s face as he comes close. The do quickly becomes on guard and jumps backward before making his way toward the cat again. The cat is not having it. It swipes back at the dog’s face attempting to attack him. The dog isn’t prepared to back down and snaps back at the cat. The dog begins to circle the cat sustaining several blows from the cat’s paws. Still… he refuses to back down. His point must be made.


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