They Weren’t Sure How Long This Tiny Pup Would Live. But You’re About To See Something Amazing.


Poor little puppy. Why would someone leave a beautiful creature of this universe just out to starve??!??? I’m so glad you guys are taking care of this little pup who’s deserving of all the love and care it can have ❤

Some people are the most terrible monsters and animals abuser of them all. Last summer we picked a 4-month-old puppy out of a trashcan beaten half to death with open cut wounds and broken bones. She is doing fine now and I wish I could do the same to the person who did that to her.

A tiny puppy was found all alone in a park. She was obviously way too young to be without her mom and wouldn’t survive much longer on her own. That’s when somebody did what they had to do and took her home. The Good Samaritan who found her brought her home.

After two days of trying to nurse the puppy, Lily’s condition was getting worse. That’s when they took her to the San Jose Animal Care Center.

Weighing only half a pound, it didn’t look good for Lily. The staff members weren’t sure if she’d survive the next 30 minutes, let alone make a full recovery.

Here you can see one of the veterinarians feeding Lily with a syringe. After only a couple of hours, Lily seemed to be doing a lot better! They had also found a veterinarian nurse to foster her.

And just two weeks after being on the verge of death, Lily is gaining strength and even wanting to play. Amazing!

While this story has a happy ending, Dr. Ostermann noted that you should make sure a puppy’s mother is not coming back–and only then take the puppy to get help.

“Sometimes good intentions can be more harmful than you would expect. Many people who find kittens or puppies assume that they are orphaned instead of waiting to see whether their mother comes back to them.

The babies will do best in their mother’s care, so removing them from their environment before you are sure their mother is not coming back could hinder their chances of surviving. If you are convinced that mother is not returning to her babies and you are not well-versed in caring for orphaned kittens or puppies, please take them to your local veterinarian immediately for guidance.”

Here’s to Lily living a long life full of love!

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