Dog Helps Baby “Inspect” The Bed In The Coolest Move Ever… I Love That!


Beautiful baby and beautiful dog captured in one beautiful action accomplished by beautiful music. Priceless.

Ridgebacks are my favorites… They’re so affectionate and sweet but at the same time protective of their family.

Our Rhodesian Ridgeback, «Lea», wants to help Alfred to climb into her bed. Watch how cute she is when she moves her blanket for him!!

Ridgebacks love most children. I say «most children» because no dog appreciates rough treatment. No dog likes children who treat them cruelly.

I always warn people that when little children get «cranky» they will fight. When puppies and dogs get cranky, they will bite. I tell people that if their children bite, so will the dog. Raising a puppy is not unlike raising a child.

Just like training your children to behave, you must make your puppy understand that although you love him, he will have limits. And just like your child knows that if he does not follow these limits that you have set, you will still love him, but you will not be in a very good mood, and your puppy will want you to be in a good mood.

He was born with an innate desire to please you, so you are already «one step ahead» before you begin!

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