This Puppy Has Never Met A Goat Before. But When He Finally Encounters A Baby Goat? I’m Melting!


OMG, they are so adorable. The puppy is sooooo excited over the goat. He definitely wants to play! I think he scared the little goat a bit though.

It’s very natural for the baby goat to be confused, but it’s also important to introduce them to such things as young as possible. These owners did the right thing introducing the animals when young, and it is very good that neither animal is becoming aggressive in the situation!

I’ve never seen a dog so adorable in my life! They are livestock dogs and the puppy will not hurt the goat. Notice the goat does not look distressed.

Dogs are not inherently aggressive. Most are territorial and even if they are challenged within their territory they would rather take flight than fight. Most aggressive dogs are quite timid and most of it is bluster.

When it comes to unlikely animal friendships, this bond between a puppy and a goat is one of the cutest around. An adorable video shows the four-month-old mutt meeting a four-day-old goat for the first time.

Yet immediately he took to the baby goat, and the two swiftly became friends. In the video, the white Golden Retriever leans in to nuzzle his new pal.

At home in Seattle, the pup found the unexpected visitor by his bed one morning.

Dogs are one of the most social animals on the planet. They are not only friendly to humans, but are welcoming to almost every species out there. They can befriend anyone, can’t they? Sometimes, these new bonds they make can be pretty unusual. Take for example, the adorable duo featured below! You are going to melt when you see this puppy’s newest friend!

This adorable Golden Retriever is four months old. One day, his parents decided to introduce him to a cute little baby goat. The four day old goat approaches the pup, but what happens next is priceless! Their interaction took me by surprise, but it is one of the cutest things I have seen! The pup can’t hold his excitement at the prospect of a new friend and he completely loses it!

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