The story of a lying dog :)


Do you think you know your pet well? Perhaps our pets knows us even better.

Recently, a couple of Kennady and Alex had an atypical situation. Once Alex was forced to stay at home, because their dog Sally was very strange coughing. Like any modern man, Alex decided to google the problem. While he was doing this, the dog stopped coughing and started to behave as usual. This situation frightened the couple. They watched the dog for the rest of the day and everything was fine.

The next morning, when Alex got to work again, the same thing happened like the day before. The dog started to cough and gasp again. The couple made an immediate decision to visit the veterinarian.

While the couple and Sally reached the doctor, Sally’s condition became normal. Again. The veterinarian suggested that it could be a cough caused by communication with other dogs or a bacterial infection. Analyzes showed that the dog was 100% healthy, but the veterinarian still prescribed antibiotics.

Until the end of the week, the dog behaved perfectly. The next visit to the doctor made it clear that Sally could just pretend. Indeed, so it is. The dog simply learned the behavior of its owners too well. Pet knows that if something is wrong, it will be pitied. Every time Sally wanted a little (or a lot) of attention, the dog was pretended to be sick. When Sally got the desired, pet stopped its play. Thanks to the twitter, Alex learned that such cases are not only dog breeders problem. Cats, too, can sometimes not be the most honest. There is a question. Do we know everything about our pets?



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