This is the most patient Cat in the world! You must check it!


Over the last several months we’ve shared some adorable videos, but this is the definitive essence of cuteness. If there was a cuteness scale, this video would be off the charts.

When this cat gets bothered over and over by a bird, he doesn’t react like you would think. Maybe we can all learn to be patient in the same way as him — so cute! 🙂 We’ve seen cats who have quite a short temper, and would easily retaliate and show the dog who’s boss. However, there are cats who have the patience of a saint. Just like the cat in the video below!

This cat is just minding his own business when suddenly a swarm of puppies appears and attacks him. But this patient cat doesn’t mind. He just allows the puppies step all over him. Although for a second there he just had to push one away! Awww…somebody save that poor kitty from those pups!

Duke the cat virtuously puts up with more roughhousing from Charlie the Chihuahua puppy than even most dogs would. In Poohie’s hit YouTube video we see Charlie nibbling on Duke’s ears and even jumping on his back.

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