This Puppy Met A Horse On The Street. When She Tries To Give Him A Kiss.


That was cute and it was cool the cop had no problem with it. 🙂 This horse looks happy to spend one couple of minutes with a new friend…
The NYPD steeds are extremely strong draft horses, specially chosen for their natural ability to remain calm in a chaotic city environment.The highly trained mounties look fat because their bulletproof vests are augmented by special wraparound vests with 3″ padding, as well as padded jodhpurs to help protect them should they be thrown from their horses. In addition, their special helmets have side shields that press against their faces, making their cheeks puff out in front.

Excellent video. Good solid camerawork, a playful little pup that’s not barking its fool head off, a very gentle and beautiful horse and an officer that’s willing to let her animal interact with the public in this way. Nice job all around.
That dog really wants to play and the leash is holding him back. I think it is really cute.


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