Watch A Kitten Saved And Raised By Huskies. Now She Thinks She’s A Husky Too


Haha, it’s funny that you can see Rosie mimicking the Huskies while they walk with her body language. Whatever Rosie believes she is — cat or dog — she’s loved and happy. With all those buddy-dogs, it’s no surprise.
What a beautiful family. It seems as though animals know no bounds. They will accept whoever they will, regardless of what the humans want to think. This is so wonderful beautiful dog and cat I hope they all get to stay together they like a wonderful family living with a loving family. Cats and dogs have different relationships just like people.They are all wonderful.

All cats are like this. It doesn’t matter to animals, people can learn from this if they are intelligent.
I think it might be a bit too tiring for Rosie to keep up with the dogs. After all, she’s much smaller than Husky, yet she has to walk same distance and keep up with their speed.


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