When You See What This Owner Made Her Little Puppy Do, You’re Going To Be Taken By Surprise!


This is an excellent trainer. Amazing to watch what you can do with the puppies. Omg, this is one of the cutest babies I’ve EVER SEEN!! I’m overwhelmed with the adorableness !!
This breed is so smart and energetic. Great family dogs, but also just plain fun to have around. He’s such an amazing dog! so smart! and he’s super adorable! I can’t get over how many things he can do! I love him! ❤

If everyone took a few hours to learn about how dogs learn, react, and perceive things, and everyone was CONSISTENT with training their dogs, then everyone’s dog would be this well-trained. The problem is that 99% of people are very inconsistent with training and the dog can’t understand what you are trying to teach it if you only reward them 1/2 the time or you react differently every time. Dogs are very perceptive so if you CONSISTENTLY train them, they have the ability to learn just about anything you want to teach them very quickly.
What can a puppy learn in 4 days?
🙂 This Frenchie pup will melt your heart. 12 weeks old and he can do that many tricks, that’s awesome, great job with training. I love the ring the bell one, never seen that before. That little guy is beyond cute.


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