A painful walk on horseback


The guys who call themselves Brighton Hunt Saboteurs, recently suffered from a woman on horseback.

They arrived in a field near an English village to make sure that there was no illegal hunting on the nearest territory. In addition, to maintain their safety, they hid their faces. On the field, the guys found what they wanted. One of them decided to approach the woman on horseback. The woman, in turn, decided that this strange man is too close.

What happened next you can watch the video. The guy tried to take the reins from her, but the woman was clearly not happy about it. The guys decided that the woman direct the horse on them and specifically wants to crush the man. She did not give the reins and said to get out of the horse, but the young man decided that it would be superfluous. Then it became clear that the woman wouldn’t crush any of them.

At first, they continued their struggle pushing each other, but a little bit later, the woman could not stand and started to beat him with the help of a riding crop. As many as 17 times, the guy pretended that he didn’t notice strikes. 17 times his head and other parts of his body were suffered. After it turned out that he was left with a couple of bruises, but the blow was still strong. The person did not need treatment. The case was sent to the police and already received publicity on the Internet.



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