Bull Was Tied Up His Entire Life Until These Rescuers Showed Up…See What The Bull Did Next!


Freedom-dance of a bull that lived in chains!

Bandit was one of many million that live worldwide in narrow stables in tethered housing, all life long. Do animals get used to this? Not really if you watch this unique video. Bandit shows his gratitude to Christian from sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl and performs a dance of freedom. On this sanctuaries live more than 500 rescued cows, bulls and calves.

This is one of the most touching animal rescues you have ever seen so make sure you grab your tissues! This poor bull has never been set free to run around or enjoy his life. Instead, he has been tied up, barely able to move. When rescuers learned about his plight, they came and rescued him. You have got to see what he does when they set him free!

Bandit the bull performs a freedom dance leaping around with glee in a touching video after his life in chains is ended by a man from Austrian animal sanctuary Gut Aiderbichl.

He was set to spend his life locked to a pole, and can be seen tethered up by a brick wall confined to a tiny space in the corner of an outbuilding.

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