Colored horses in shameless marketing (San Diego)


In the county of San Diego not long ago, there were impressive figures of horses in real size. Its uniqueness lies in impressive images. There are 20 such unusual horses, which, by the way, were painted mainly by local artists.

Such a unique campaign was commissioned by the Breeders’ Cup Host Committee, which is one of the richest organizers of such events, in honor of the first arrival of this Cup at Del Mar Racetrack for 30 years of existence. Reproductions are located not only on the racetrack but also in the center and the airport of San Diego.

Figures have not only an original and fascinating image on it, but also made of fiberglass. Each horse is a reproduction of the Torrie Top, which you can find on the breeders’ cup, which in turn is a copy of the original made by Giovanni de Bologna in the late 16th century.

The idea of images on horses is hard and simple at the same time. Artists often sent their sketches with ideas to the Breeders’ Cup Host Committee. Organizers of this event decided to give full freedom to the creators, so they had just an “empty” white horse on which they could do whatever came to their heads. Each horse has something unique (one is like a warhorse, and the other is a night city).

The most interesting question in this story is “What will happen with the figures after the Cup?” The Committee promised that Horses will be auctioned off to local charities.



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