They Are Dog-Brothers That Were So Attached As Puppies And Still Can’t Let Go.


When Tina Wismar lost her senior dog due to old age, she planned a trip to the local shelter in New Jersey, East Coast Claws and Paws. But… her plans were just to look, not adopt. Wismar wasn’t sure if she was ready for a new dog after her recent heartbreak. Then, Wismar and her two sons saw Juno and Jordan and her plan to just “look” went straight out the window.

“We went to the shelter, which was just a few minutes down the road from my house, and we started playing with these dogs,” Wismar told The Dodo. “They were just wonderful.” Juno and Jordan were the only survivors of a litter that the mother couldn’t nurse so they had to be bottle-fed. They also relied on one another for love and support, deeply bonding them in the process.


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