They Never Taught Their Dog To Do This, But He Did It Anyway


I have no word…this is really loved. This baby is so lucky to have Charlie as friend ❤❤❤
I cried it was so lovely especially when they said had not taught the dog to love their daughter did it on its own what a lovely family indeed this was the best video I have ever seen love to you all ig time!

This is why I will NEVER understand how anyone out there could ever harm such an amazing part of our world. Dogs are the greatest, and this is just another video to prove that! I also love Beagles too, amazing, great dogs.
This is so cute! There’s actually a lot of research showing that having a dog around a baby helps to build your baby’s immune tolerance as well, so they’re less likely to have food allergies, asthma, and other allergies as they grow older.


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