This smiling dog quickly captured the hearts of Internet users


Most recently, the general manager of one of the Texas shelters, Leah, laid out on Facebook a photograph of a smiling dog that quickly captured the hearts of Internet users.

After the head of the shelter noticed a smiling dog and decided to share such a cutie with the world, the number of people willing to take Cheech to their houses grew to enormous proportions.

Sipe, a police worker and a volunteer in a shelter, told that now the dog has, even more, reasons to rejoice, because it now has a home.

Carrie now became the mistress of this smile. Sipe said that the choice among those who wanted to take Cheech was huge and complicated. Carrie was chosen because of her story. The girl recently lost her pet because of cancer and was in deep depression, and also she has another dog.

When they came to the shelter to get acquainted with Cheech, all around immediately clearly understood that these guys had found a common language. Cheech was delighted that she would have a new home, and Carrie and her dog were pleased with the appearance of a new member of the family in their lives.

Also, one can not help saying that this story helped not only to find a house for Cheech but also gives the shelter more opportunities in general. With the help of city officials and donations, the shelter now has an extra building, an old prison, which turned out to be a suitable place for suffering animals.


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