Is It a Dog, Cat or Human?! Incredible Mother Nature Surprised Us Again And Again! To Know The Truth Watch The Videos Below.


This is incredible Atchoum. He has become an internet sensation as animal lovers try to decide if it is a dog or cat, and we suppose to think, maybe it’s a human)). A puzzling photograph of the striking animal with its terrier-toned coat but dazzling cat-like eyes has left millions baffled. After one Twitter user posted the picture, asking followers to decide between canine or feline, the striking portrait has gone viral.

He is Persian kitten named Atchoum that suffers from hyptricosis – known as ‘werewolf syndrome’ – and lives with his devoted owner in Quebec, Canada. Atchoum has his own website where he is lauded by an army of fans who post stunning artwork depicting his incredible features.


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