You prefer to take adventures with your furry friend around? We’ve made up top 5 pet friendly hotels in the US specially for you.


Top 5 pet friendly hotels in the US specially for you and your dog.

1. Loews Hotels

Loews Loves Pets

“Loews Loves Pets” – that’s the moto of their pet amenities program, so no doubt they do. This hotel group has special room service for animals, consisting of vet- and chef-developed menus so that no one of guests would be deprived of comfort.

2. Kimpton Hotels

Kimpton Hotels

Each unit of this hotel chain is open for any dog traveler whether it is a little chihuahua or a giant English Mastiff. Here you won’t need to pay extra charge for your dog. Although they will provide you with all necessary pet goods.

3. EPIC Hotel, Miami, FL

Loews Loves Pets

EPIC provides a really interesting program for dogs. Guests are to choose two items from the following:

  • A “Pawdicure and Shampoo” treatment.
  • An hour of daily play time.
  • An hour of dog walking at Flamingo Bark Park.

4. Topnotch Resort, Stowe, VT

Topnotch Resort, Stowe, VT

Free stay for pets, doggy beds and bowls provision, fun-time activities – all this is in policy of the resort. What is more, you can visit spa with your dog as well. A specially trained therapist will give a Massage to your companion.

5. Hotel Allegro, Chicago, IL

Hotel Allegro, Chicago, IL

This hotel will provide you with a keepsake leashe, a plush bed, water and food for your dog. If you want you can make an arrangement with walking service. $5 from your charge will be donated to the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago.

Stay tuned and share your dog traveling experiences with us.


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