A Monster Tied Up Dog’s Mouth And Legs With Insulating Tape And Left Him In A Ditch


Humanity left in a ditch

It was supposedly just another usual day for Carlos Carillo and his collegue. The two plumbers were on their way to work, when they suddenly saw something strange in a ditch off the country road. “At first we didn’t get what he was,” said Carillo. “Then we got closer and made out that he was a dog with mouth and legs tied up with insulating tape. He was obviously left there to die.”

The men rushed to set the dog free, and when they finished, he seemed to be well. “He was very loving and frisky. Probably, he was there for less than a day.” The plumbers got the dog to Peewee’s Pet Adoption, a local no-kill shelter.

The dog was in good health exepting having worms for which they started a treatment. “His tail won’t stop wagging”, a vet at the Peewee’s Pet Adoption said. “He’s such a sweetheart.”

Unfortunately the monster who so heartlessly left his loyal companion to die wasn’t found, but at least we thank fate that the dog has been saved and got a second life.

As far as we protect our friends incapable of taking care of themselves, we can be considered people.


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