Dog starts dancing, but we weren’t expecting the baby to react like this. So funny.



Love that baby’s laugh. And yes it is contagious. Looked like he thought he was controlling the dog’s dance with his hand tap on the floor!

Nothing can beat a baby’s laughter. It is probably the most contagious thing in the world. This video below shows a priceless moment between a baby and his four-legged sibling. When Chopper the dog started showing off his hilarious moves in front of the camera, baby Rocco couldn’t back his laughter anymore.

This baby seems to be a big fan of his dancing buddy. And what can I say about the dog? Chopper is the cutest little thing I have seen in my life! Thankfully, mom decided to record it all on camera for us! The moment Rocco started laughing, I was in stitches as well. And when the dog stopped, the way the little tyke taps on the floor makes you think he wants him to start again.

I can’t tell what Rocco finds so interesting, but is sure does have his attention. Occasionally he stands on his hind legs and spins around, which gets a great response from the baby. The baby is enjoying watching him spin around and wag his tail, and he’s laughing up a storm.

Rocco doesn’t seem too interested in the baby. Whatever it is he’s watching off camera has him completely captivated. This must be the parent’s way of entertaining the baby, and it’s working. This dog and baby combo are adorable together, and I’m sure they have many happy years ahead of them to grow up together.

An adorable dog thought his owner’s treat looked really yummy but tried to play it cool when he was caught begging. A sweet video showed a man and his best pal enjoying some quality time while lying on their bed. The man was enjoying the tasty snack when he noticed his hungry pup staring at him.

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But when he turned his head, the fluffy white dog pretended he wasn’t begging by looking the other way. The man continued to eat his snack and the pup whipped his back around to stare at his owner’s treat once again.

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