How To Prevent Dog Fighting Activities In Your Neighborhood


We are voice of silent

Every year hundreds of “people” are being arrested for participating in mass mockeries of animals called “dog fighting”. With that thousands of dogs are being saved from painful living in blood and filth. Before arrests happen a ten times bigger number of animals die suffering.

It is only possible to end up such an incredible cruelty because there are heroes who are concerned about those, who cannot stand for themselves, and inform authorized bodies about any marked evidence of injustice. We believe you’re one of that heroes, so we share with you some signs which may denote dog fighting activities in your neighborhood:

  • A number of dogs barking indoors.
  • Starving dogs in cells.
  • Scarred dogs, especially Pit Bulls.
  • Fighting rings or pits, often with scratches.
  • Vitamins and vet supplies in big amount.
  • Breaking sticks, often with bits.
  • Any suspicious activities with dogs.

Dog Fighting

Note: do not try to stop dog fights on your own, as they are strongly connected with organized crime, please, call 911 in case you witness dog fighting operations.

Together we can stop those who exploit the loyalty of dogs, human’s best friends to turn them slaves condemned to suffer.

You have any ideas on how to help this issue? Please, share with us in comments.


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