It’s heartbreaking that sometimes animals get into hands of people, who are totally indifferent to their little friends’ well being and moreover their lives.


A story of horrible indifference happened to Chad and his mate Clarisse. The two Jack Russell Terriers were left alone with their bigger neighbor Standard Schnauzer for a week, when their owners went on a trip. No wonder soon a bloody fight for survival erupted. The bigger dog oppressed the smaller ones with all it’s strength. When neighbors revealed what was happening, they called animal control service. Rescuers found Chad and Clarisse badly injured, both were skinny and frightened. Medical aid was immediately provided for both.
Chad was lucky enough to recover from his wounds. Clarisse was less fortunate – she died of heartworm infestation soon.

What makes us hope for best is that Chad’s new owners got to love him as a member of their family. They took good care of him. For the first year Chad was shivery, but now he is full of life and joy being with his loving family.

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