Horse stands behind 1 year-old girl, and then this happens! Sweet moment!


The child will think it can walk any horse. It is very cute and looks nice! Watch it!

If you have been keen enough, you have most likely noticed that kids love horses as one of their favorite animals. The clip here shows you something more about a well-trained horse that knows its job. Justice is just great!

The little child here is Mira, and her fascination with Justice the big horse is incomprehensible. Mira loves to learn the “ropes” of horse stuff at a young age, and her mom likes that too. The mom hands her the rope to lead the horse around as she stands aside to supervise this great development. What you get from that kind of scenario can only be described as cute and inspiring. I love these two already!

On his part, Justice is a cool horse that happens to have a soft spot for kids too. The horse patiently follows the “rider” around and doesn’t break out on panic runs. This big creature is clearly in love with this time spent with the little human. You’ve to admire that!

There’s something about horses that just entrances little kids. The young girl in the video below is no exception. The girl’s name is Mira, and she’s just 1 year old.
But her horse, Justice, knows his job and is happy to quietly follow this up-and-coming rider. Mira’s mother keeps a close eye on the situation, too. Mira seems quite proud of the fact that she’s able to lead her horse around all on her own.


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