The real devotion


One Sunday night, on the way home, a girl from California Natasha Wallace noticed roaring sirens, bright lights and a lot of smoke on the side of her house. She quickly guessed that somewhere there began a firestorm and she should run away as quickly as possible. However, this situation wasn’t so simple.


Her pit bull Bentley was waiting for her at home. Natasha couldn’t leave her pet in catastrophe and therefore quickly rushed to save her dog. Everything was quite good, the flame hasn’t reached her house yet.

The girl ran into the house, found the dog and then their adventure began. They got into the car and tried to get as far away from the fire as possible.

However, there was a problem, on the road because of the sudden situation, the traffic jam was organized, while the fire tried to reach our guys.

Natasha came up with a plan in a few seconds. She returned home, grabbed a bicycle, and ordered the dog to sit still in a bag, which by the way she grabbed for the convenience of carrying Bentley.

In an unexpected situation, she forgot about the fact that the weight of the animal is 70 pounds. This brave girl didn’t think about clothes or documents, the main thing is that the dog should be survived. They moved along the highway past cars which were standing in a traffic jam.


After a few miles from the fire, they were offered in getting to a safe place. Because of the fire, Wallace lost almost everything that she had, but for her, the main thing is that her faithful friend survived.

After this situation, the girl said that she could not have lived if something had happened to her dog, so she didn’t think about her actions for a minute.


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