A Puppy Was Found On The Sidewalk Like This. But When You See What Follows…


It’s good to see larger dogs treat this puppy with such tenderness and kindness! They could easily have killed Joy but didn’t! Hats off to those humans who rescued this dog!

This guys saved the joy when he needed u badly new born baby can be extremely fragile n hard to handle..

Who ever abandon the poor puppy on street are stupid and heartless. thanks to those who had the heart to raise the beautiful young puppy created by god. Without you, this poor puppy wouldn’t have died of hunger and from the cold!

All too often, pets are abandoned, but this poor guy wasn’t even old enough to be a pet. A newborn puppy was abandoned on a street in Romania. When he was brought into a shelter, he weighed only 160 grams.

He is now being loved and cared for, and the shelter has decided to name him joy because that’s exactly what he brings to all the people who see him.

Joy now gets to be fed, to play with toys, to receive care from loving humans, and what’s even better… He’s been adopted!

A family in the Netherlands fell in love with Joy and his story, and they drove across Europe to pick him up.

Now she’s much bigger than her initial 160 grams, and she’s happier than she ever believed possible.

Because she has a wonderful loving family… and because they brought her favorite toy from the shelter home with them. Share away, people!

A tiny, newborn puppy was found abandoned on a sidewalk in Romania. Joy was brought into the care of Howl of a Dog for four months before being adopted by a family in the Netherlands. And just look at him now… 🙂

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