After Watching this Video I Will Never Look at Dogs the same Way Again


Dogs are such great companions they are loyal and loving, they are at your side when you feel lonely and sad they are there with kisses to cheer you up. So when I see them being mistreated I want to save them all. When will people learn all animals need love and our protection. I love my babies they keep us on our toes and I know they will do all they can for me!

I would not trade any of pups I have had over the years/ or have now, or will have!! They love us unselfishly and unconditionally! They will all be waiting for us at the edge of the Rainbow Bridge for us to cross!

Canines are wonderful. There’s simply no other approach to put it. They give a colossal measure of satisfaction to us people.

They can be all out characters too. What would be humanity without puppies? When you watch this video you will treasure canines like never before! This video endeavors to answer why God made dogs.

Despite your religious inclination (or none by any means), you’ll see that dogs are just amazing!

Dogs are beautiful creatures and some even consider them agents sent by God to share love and kindness. Whether you believe that or not I’ll suggest you watch the video because it may just change your whole perspective!!!


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