Canine Cancer: What Owners Must Be Aware Of


Informed is protected

Up to present days a successful cancer treatment remains unfound, so it would be a horror to find out one day that your dog has a tumor. Existing oncology treatment is not always effective still is expensive and exhausting. No one wants to lose a friend, and to avoid it, a dog owner should first know and follow some tips on how to prevent canine cancer.

First of all, limit exposure to carcinogens, such as tobacco smoke, air fresheners, flame retardants, detergents, weedkillers and vehicle exhaust.

Be careful with vaccinations as they make impact too, for example, some veterinarians argue that frequent rabies vaccination may cause sarcoma. Of course it is necessarily to vaccinate your pet, but don’t overdo it, one should have a right sense of balance.

Then try to feed your dog a balanced diet to keeping it healthier. No one says that additives in prepared dog food make harm, but you can always find some better variants if search (for example in orgainc foods).

And of course be noticeble to any changes in your dog’s behaviour. If dog behaves like it is uncomfortable cancer is just one of many possible explanations, but still one of them, so if you have doubts go screen your pet for cancer.

Being informed means being protected, so, please, share if you know more about canine cancer fighting. Great health to you and your pets, and thanks for being with us!


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