Dad Tells Him He Is Handsome. But This Tiny Puppy Cracked Me Up By Doing like that!


Hahahahahahaha !! he is so adorable and so cute !! I wouldn’t mind to watching this video any time. Cutest one.
Dogs are one of the best things in the world. You give them love and support, and they return it back tenfold.
He’s a sweet little bundle of energy with a grown-up bark. He’s also not that tough to shop for because he’s already very handsome – and we think he knows it!

He’s so playful you just want to pick him up and cuddle. But not too close or you might just mess up his bandana – and no fashion-forward pup, even one who is shy about compliments, wants that to happen! Honestly, we don’t think this little guy cares as long as he gets attention and, the same for all puppies, he should get as many kisses, hugs, and bandanas as he wants!

This adorable little puppy looks even more handsome than normal in his bandana, and his owner likes to remind him of this. However, the puppy hasn’t quite learned how to graciously accept a compliment and barks every time he hears it.

Looks like someone needs to learn how to take a compliment! In the video below, French bulldog Link just wasn’t having it when his owner Sean Serantos tried complimented his new bandana. Check out the clip below and judge for yourself.

The interaction began innocently enough. Sean simply said, «You look super handsome.» However, the adorable pooch was full of attitude as he let Sean know exactly what he thought about his new accessory.

Take a look at the photo below. Does he seem pleased? Tensions rise a little as Sean and Link exchange looks.

In response, the puppy gave a huff as he tried to bite away the red bandana in the video below (that looks absolutely precious we might add) before giving a quick nip to Sean’s ear. Maybe Link isn’t thrilled, but he’s totally adorable all the same.

According to an Instagram account dedicated to Link, the little guy is full of life and a lot of attitude. He enjoys playing around with his dog-brother Clark and being the center of attention for his owners.

Ready for some cuteness overload? Check out the video below.

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