How the Australian did a good deed and make pleased the dog breeders


Today we have a huge range of places, where our lovely pets shouldn’t be with us. Many pools and beaches just forbid attending with our little friends. But there is a way!

Creative Australian guy solved this problem by making a print with your favorite pet on different stuff.

This idea came into the head of the Olympic champion in water polo. Before the opening of an online store, this company excelled at Kickstarter. Not surprisingly, all you have to do for having your dog accompany you is uploading a photo to the site and editing the size. Just look at these cute faces that can appear not only on swimsuits, but also on towels, and even beach bags. Is this not the best way to show your love for your furry animal to others?

But this story wouldn’t be so sweet if it all turned out just a cute entertainment or the way to make money. The company donates 25% of the profits for charity, thereby helping to find a new home for animals without it. Such an unusual thing, you not only raise the mood for yourself and others but also do a good deed.


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