Little puppy wants to be on the couch. Pay attention to a toddler’s reaction.


Love it! All puppies wanted to cuddle with her! Absolutely adorable story. A child has a gentle soul!

Laura Olivia and Charlie the beagle have already become famous internet personalities. I am sure you have watched some of their viral videos yourself. This video, however, features Laura and the newest addition to the family, Ollie. Ollie is a beagle, much like his older brother Charlie. You are going to melt when you see this adorable clip.

Laura is on the couch and she looks really comfortable. So, Ollie wanted to join his little human. The puppy tries his best to get on the couch to nap with Laura Olivia, but with his tiny legs, he just can’t do it. But what he does leaves the toddler in hysterics. Finally, he succeeds and what follows next is adorable beyond words!

Lovely video of a little girl & her puppy, best cuddle pals. Meet Ollie, an extremely cute beagle puppy, who likes one thing more than anything in the world – having a nap with his human sister!

When this adorable pup noticed the little girl, he tried everything possible to get on the couch with her. Watching him jumping all around and even using the bean bag made the little girl laugh from the heart. He certainly made my heart melt and we can’t blame him, he just wants to cuddle and have a nice nap with his head in her lap. It’s adorable!

A cute toddler named Laura Olivia is taking a nap on the couch. Her best friend, a pet beagle named Ollie, wants to join her, but he’s struggling to reach her. This poor pup just can’t manage to get on the couch. With every attempt, Laura Olivia can’t help but giggle and laugh.

Given how comfortable Laura Olivia looks, its no wonder Ollie tries so hard to get on the bed. The adorable pup tries over and over again, but his tiny legs are just barely not enough. He even uses a bean bag to give him a little boost, but that proves to be futile. Little Laura sits on the couch and giggles while Mom records.

What a precious memory for the entire family to cherish! This video is proof of how wonderful it is to own a pet. It’s fun for the entire family!

Watch the video below! Enjoy!

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