That angel was born without legs, but his spirit wasn’t broken! Watch it!


The cuteness it burns… too much… That is the best little skater ever!!!
Adorable chihuahua Turbo-Roo was born without his front legs, but that hasn’t stopped him from being one of the most active little pups I’ve EVER seen!

When this tiny sweetheart’s original owners were no longer able to care for him, he was handed over to Ashley Looper, a veterinarian technician who instantly fell in love with the pup. She was able to craft little ‘Roo a set of wheels made from old toy parts and later campaigned to get him a secure, safe body harness and wheel set. Looper raised more than $3,500 and was contacted by a designer who offered to make a cart for Turbo-Roo.

Check out his adorable new chair, equipped with a harness and set of skateboard wheels. Nothing is cuter than this little guy!

A chihuahua born without front legs has been given his mobility — using skateboard wheels. Turbo-Roo is now getting to grips with life on wheels after a kind-hearted designer made him a prosthetic to help him get around the state of Indiana. The puppy was given up four weeks after he was born by owners unable to take care of him.

He was taken to Downtown Veterinary in Indianapolis, USA, where kind-hearted vet technician Ashley Looper adopted him. Since then he has become a online sensation with his own Facebook and Instagram pages. The adorable Chihuahua TurboRoo didn’t get the easiest start in life.

Born without his front legs, the tiny pup was given up to the Downtown Veterinarian by his owners after they could no longer provide care for him.

Unable to walk, TurboRoo limped through his early life until he was later adopted by veterinarian technician Ashley Looper, who fell in love with him at first sight.

Having a lot of experience with special needs pets, Ashley felt no fear in taking on the task of caring for her cutest patient. To help him move around easier, she built him a tiny walking frame out of the parts from a toy aeroplane, which did work, but Ashley knew that TurboRoo would soon need something more permanent.

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