Dog saves baby from abusive babysitter


When protective pooch Killian started acting aggressively towards baby Finn´s babysitter, alarm bells began ringing for Finn´s parents. Killian was usually a very affectionate dog, and since the babysitter had been vetted and seemed perfectly fine, his behavior didn´t make sense.

They hid an iphone and set it to record what was happening while they were out. The babysitter was caught hurting the seven month-old baby, and later pleaded guilty to assault and battery. It´s a shocking story but there was a happy ending, and it´s all thanks to Killian. Finn´s parents say they want to tell all parents to listen to their intuition- and their pets.

Benjamin hopes his family’s story will give other parents pause and encourage them not to ignore any signs that their kids could be in danger — especially if those signs are coming from a faithful family pet.


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