Horses and yoga. Prank or no?


Have you ever heard that there is an opportunity to practice yoga with horses?

Many people have long been engaged in yoga with their children, pets, and some even with goats. It all looks rather strange, but only at first glance.

There is a resort in Spain, which offers such an unusual pastime. Although yoga with a horse looks a little ridiculous, but to try to perform at least one pose on the back of the horse, it is necessary to apply a huge effort. Of course, if you interested in such a hobby is not superfluous will be riding skills, despite the fact that the administration promises that even a beginner can try himself.

Coaches say that the main thing in working with an animal is to feel the connection. But this fact doesn’t mean that you should get on a horse immediately after feeling the connection. The coach will help you not only to take the right pose next to the animal but also to feel horse, which probably will give you the opportunity to try yourself in yoga “riding”.

This practice for people with experience in yoga and riding is not only very useful for the body but also looks exciting. In Instagram, you can find unusual photos of these classes. Perhaps looking at this, you can get a wish to join.


What do you think?