The most stylish pony


To fully enjoy the spirit of Christmas someone decorates their house, someone prepares Christmas dishes, and someone wears clothes with Christmas themes.

If you think people who have a complete set of such thematic clothes from socks and pajamas to jackets and boots are strange, then you should have a look at these guys. Christmas dress code in their family is the main point of this holiday. Each family member creates a Christmas atmosphere with the help of clothes, even if you are a horse.

Last year Shetland pony Duffy became one of the lucky owners of an unusual and very nice costume from the Ascot racecourse.

Duffy’s owner – Jackie Rowberry is an animal trainer. He knows exactly what his friend needs at this cold time of year.

Every winter Jackie worries that his pony can freeze because they spend so much time in the stable. He was very happy that such a novelty appeared among the costumes of his pony right before the competition.

Usually, only racegoers wear such festive outfits, but Daffy was the star of this event. Above all, this pony loves attention, and such a suit clearly only helps him in this matter. His owner is sure that this funny and cute costume helps his family member feel the spirit of Christmas.

With the help of this lovely Christmas gift, Jackie showed how he appreciates his pony. Perhaps you also have favorites that have lack the Christmas feeling?



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