This little mini horse loves showing off on camera. The next moment will be priceless.


This is the sweetest little critter. Just love watching him run like the wind!

The video below features an adorable pet miniature horse from South East Queensland, Australia. This little guy is called Charlie, and ever since he was born, all he has been doing in stealing hearts! Charlie might be really tiny in relation to the other horses, but his spirit is way past anyone’s limit! His caretakers call him “a miniature horse with an attitude”. They say he loves to get a little crazy during late afternoons.

In this clip, Charlie is leaping all over a field with unrivaled enthusiasm. The background music is also really fitting. According to his owners, he is full of personality and there’s never a dull moment when he gets going. This little guy has gotten a lot bigger now and he also has a completely different coating. Wait till you see him yourself!

Meet a miniature horse, Charlie. He is very cute and looks very happy as he plays. He was born on the farm of South East Queensland. In spite of his young age, Charlie is a personality already and has his own approach to people. He also has power over them and can make them do what he likes, for instance, scratch his back!

This gives him a thrill and he is ready to run around with bigger energy! He also gets a bit crazy in the afternoons. They were developed in the 17th century, and in the 18th century they were mainly kept as pets for nobility. Miniature horses are very lovable and like to play. Though they are small, they have big hearts and make good friends. It is never dull with such a friend behind you.

Miniature horses must measure 34-38 in (86–97 cm) when measured from the mine, and were first developed in Europe in the 1600’s. They were popular amongst nobility as pets, but their small size also found them work in coal mines. Their use increased after the 1842 Mine and Collieries Act when the UK forbade the use of children as mine workers.

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