Four Months After He’d Been Abandoned, He Finally Got the Forever Home He Deserves!


This tiny newborn puppy, named Joy, was found all by himself on a sidewalk in Romania. He was so little that he hadn’t even opened his eyes yet. Luckily, an animal rescue organization, took him in to raise him.

If he hadn’t been found, he wouldn’t have survived much longer on his own. They bottle-fed him and gave him the proper care he needed to grow.


After a couple of weeks, he finally opened his eyes, and he was cute as ever! He became best friends with a stuffed Siberian tiger. It became his favorite toy – he always snuggled and played with his tiger.


Once he was old enough, they introduced him to the bigger dogs, and it went great! He really loved playing with other dogs, even if he was much smaller.


Only a few weeks later, a family from the Netherlands decided to adopt Joy. They drove across Europe to pick him up and take him to his forever home!


Not only did Joy go to his forever home, but his favorite stuffed animal went with him. What could’ve ended really bad, turned into a story with a happy ending, thanks to this family from the Netherlands!

Tiny little Joy grew up from a teeny, helpless puppy into a big, strong dog right before our eyes! His life story is amazing, and it’s so heartwarming to see Joy get his second chance at life!


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