Dog Discovers Box of Abandoned Kittens, Cares For Them And Changes Their Lives


Greece, as a nation, has a severe problem when it comes to feral animals and strays. When you take a visit to Greece, it’s common to see dozens of kitties and dogs roaming the streets and asking tourists for yummy treats. These animals feel pretty good during tourism seasons. However, once the tourists all go home, they stray animals are essentially forced to fend for themselves.

Cats, in particular, are very unappreciated in this country.

Aragon and his human mom recently were out hiking near the Immitos mountains in Greece when the golden pup started pulling his owners off to the side, leading them to something unknown.

Aragon’s owner’s friend explains, “We had no intention of going towards that direction, but Aragon kept pulling us, so we followed him.”

Source: The Orphan Pet

They followed their dog and were shocked by what they saw: a cardboard box filled with four teeny, tiny kittens. They were “looking at the world around them in shock.”

Orphan Pet explains that animals are often abandoned near the Immitos mountains. Most of the time thought they fall prey to area’s many foxes. When Iro, Aragon’s owner, saw that these kittens were still alive and well, she knew she had to help.

Aragon’s owner was prepared to foster the kittens herself. In a blog describing the story, the owner explains.

“Living in a small apartment with an adopted dog, an adopted cat, a foster dog and four new foster kittens is not easy, but it’s fun!”

Source: The Orphan Pet

Aragon quickly became a foster dad to the new kittens. The friendly doggo watches them as they play, bathes them with loving kisses, and protects them from the big, scary world.

Source: The Orphan Pet

See for yourself below!

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