Dog Not Allowed On Bed – Captured Footage When Dad’s Away Has Internet Dying Of Laughter


A lot of people have rules for their pets.

Just like kids need rules and structures to learn how to behave, pets do, too. Most pets are treated well by their owners. They basically get all they can: run around the house all day, sleep in a have a nice, warm bed, eat healthy foods, they get walked several times a day, go on rides in the car, and get plenty of love and affection. What more could a dog ask for?

This dog has one rule to follow: He isn’t allowed on the bed.

Source: YouTube screenshot

This pooch was taught to stay off the bed from the time he was a pup, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t wish things could be different. When you are a spoiled pup, the one thing you can’t do is usually the thing you want to do the most.

This dog wants to be a good boy. But every time he makes his way on the bed – he is caught by his owners. The only time he can really enjoy the bed is when his owners aren’t home. He spends a lot of time on the bed while his owners are out. He jumps on it, sleeps on it, and even rubs all over it if he wants. But as soon as he hears that key in the lock though, he knows to jump down and pretend like none of it ever happened.

His owners eventually caught on to what was going on.

Source: YouTube screenshot

For some reason, their freshly made bed that was nice and neat when they left the house was always a bit wrinkly and disturbed when they returned. It wasn’t hard to identify the culprit. But without catching him in the act they couldn’t prove they were right.

They decided to set up cameras in their home, so they could record what was happening while they were out. They pointed one directly at the bed. They expected to catch their dog jumping up on it and maybe even taking a little nap on it, but they didn’t expect what they saw.

The dog not only hopped up on the bed, he purposely messed it up.

Maybe he envied the cat because it was allowed on it, or maybe he was just upset that he wasn’t allowed on it. Whatever the reason, he was making sure that his scent was all over that bed.

Source: YouTube screenshot

He was pretty careful not to mess it up too much, though. He didn’t want to leave any evidence that he has been up on the bed. The cat had no problem watching it all happen. If it could talk, it probably would have told on the dog. The cat didn’t move an inch even when the dog needed to stand over the cat to look out the window.

Apparently, there is a double standard in this house where cats are allowed on beds but dogs aren’t.

This dog sure did put a stop to that. His owners may be able to keep him off the bed when they are home, but there isn’t much they can do when they are away. Even if they do videotape him and reprimand him for his actions, he’s probably going to jump right back on the bed as soon as they leave again.

If the cat is allowed on the bed, the dog should be, too. At least he is standing his ground. The slap he took from the cat is probably the worst thing that came out of this. So, what if his owners have to wash their bedding a little more often, that dog loves being on the bed. If he loves it that much, they should just let it be.

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