A Baby Elephant Wants To Approach Tourists, But His Mother Refuses, Then… So Cute!


An incredible video showing how a mother elephant stops her baby from going any closer to tourists. Almost as if she is saying «Don’t talk to strangers».

Mothers can do anything to see that their kids are safe. This applies to humans and also in the animal world too. If you are still in doubt of that, then the clip below will best help you change your opinion.

The video was filmed in South Africa. Some tourists were appreciating the beauty of the landscape when they spotted two elephants at a distance. Actually, it was a mother elephant and her young one crossing the road.

The vehicle in which the tourists were in had to halt and wait for them to cross. While crossing, the baby elephant became interested in the car and the camera, so he decided to get closer and take a good look.

When the mother elephant saw her baby head towards the car, she had in mind that the humans are not evil, but also it was not a wise idea for the young one to approach someone like that. She then decided to make the baby know that what he was doing was not good at all.

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