A Cat Who Has Adopted A Teeny-Weeny Baby Rabbit… What More Is There To Say?


Why is it that animals can take on other species with respect, but humans can’t get along as the same species?

Сats supposed to eat rabbits that’s natural.. while in the vid we see cat take care and love a baby rabbit which is unnaturally good.. humans on the other hand AREN’T supposed to «eat» other humans, in face as the «supposedly» smartest and greatest creature on earth we should have to take care of other creatures especially another humans, which is most humans didn’t do, instead they just hurt each other, blame each other..

If you ask some people, they’ll freely tell you that a cat would do just about anything to get a nice rabbit for a snack. If you still take that as the absolute truth, then you probably miss a few points here and there. This video has something new for you!

Here’s Bubble, a little rabbit that found itself orphaned after the mother’s death, and then we have Snuggle Puss, a cool cat that seems to be in love with every good thing. Apparently, Snuggle happens to have a soft spot for little rabbits, so instead of just tearing the small thing apart and devouring it, the kind feline decided to adopt Bubble and play mom!

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