A Mega-Adoption Event For Cats And Dogs And The People Who Love Them!


23rd Street Armory in Philadelphia. Organizers of the three-day MEGA Adoption Event expected to feature 1,000 cats and dogs. It is sponsored by Petco Foundation and includes animals from Brandywine Valley SPCA, Last Chance Ranch, Camden County Animal Shelter, Morris Animal Refuge, ACCT Philly, the Women’s Humane Society, and others.

The crowd was drawn in part by the $20 adoption fees, much lower than the $80 to $500 that people would normally have to pay for an animal that has been spay/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Eli Martinez, development manager for Brandywine SPCA, said he was surprised by how many people came. 415 – found new homes. An additional 277 were adopted too.



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