A Pomeranian Sneezing in a Particularly Adorable Manner


Omg, that was the funniest dog sneeze ever. I’m a professional dog sneeze evaluator and this is award worthy.))) This is the funniest thing ever. I love this video. I watch it everytime I need a laugh. so cute.

I love these things. I love all dogs but poms are my favorite and this one a winner haha!

What can you say, small dogs like little children, they are funny and cute, you can look at them endlessly. They want to hug and pity, feed, play. If I had such a cute little dog, I would not let her out of my hands, carry with me to work and for a walk.

We all know that feeling that comes just before a sneeze… you sense that little tickle in your nose and get ready for the big “Achoo!” You glance around the room in search of the closest tissues, all while making your own unique “sneeze face.” Everyone’s got one, and this Pomeranian puppy is no different! He builds up to a sneeze that would be considered epic even for a big dog!

If that pomeranian puppy sneeze wasn’t enough cuteness for you, don’t worry! We’ve got an unending supply of adorable just waiting for you to enjoy! Watch this tiny puppy perform one of the cutest confused head-tilts ever caught on tape.

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