After 2 Months, This Sad, Orphan Kitten Finally Gets The Happy Ending He Truly Deserves


One day a man heard a strange noise, seemingly coming from his neighbor’s garage while leaving for work. As he approached, he realized that it was a tiny kitten hiding in the nearby bushes, desperately crying and completely alone without his mother.

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“I was heading to my service van to go to my first call for work when I heard crying,” the man said.

He heard the kitten’s cries, rescued the little feline and took him in.

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He waited for some time to see if his mother would appear, but when it became obvious that the cat was motherless, he took the kitten in. The kitten’s umbilical cord was still attached, that’s how small he was! It was clear that he was in urgent need of help and nutrition.

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The first thing the couple did is bought kitten formula and a couple of supplies to help this cat get on his feet. They shared heartwarming pictures and videos of the cat on the internet. They kept everyone in the loop with weekly updates and asked readers to come up with a good name for their new tiny family member in the comments.

Despite a huge amount of good suggestions, they decided to name the cat Casper.

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Now there are dozens of adorable pictures on the web, such as Casper napping with his new owner after getting a meal or a cute shot of the cat being bottle-fed.

“He’ll follow us everywhere and either hang out at our feet or sleep on our shoulders,” they posted.

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The couple also took Casper to a vet-clinic, where they were told that he was only one week old and indeed a newborn. If this man hadn’t found him, he probably wouldn’t have made it.

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Week after week, Casper’s condition started to improve and his affectionate personality surfaced. He just loves playing with his owners and is a big fan of cuddling too. Casper even sits on dad’s shoulders whenever he’s working on the computer or enjoying a video game.

“Two and a half months ago we found this little guy abandoned as an infant in our neighbor’s yard,” the couple recalls. “Now he is a healthy happy kitten.”

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One thing is certain: this little furball has surely found a loving family and forever home. Watch the video of his heart whelming story below!

What a sweet story and a happy little kitten!


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