After His Mom Was Hit By A Car, This Orphaned Puppy Was Placed With A… Mother Cat Adopts Newborn Puppy!


Animals are very adaptive & this happens quite often. Sometimes it’s momma dog nursing orphan kittens 🙂 The mother instinct is an amazing force.
What could be more awesome than a kittuppy? self-sufficiency of a cat combined with loyalty curiosity and love of a dog…

So happy there is a caring place for these little orphans. Too many cold hearted places. Great job guys. Makes me want to move to your area of the country.
I’d like to talk about why we adore seeing puppies raised by cats and vice versa. In the video below you can see a light brown puppy amongst a litter of kittens being raised by a tabby cat. The puppy was just a couple of days old when his mother was killed by a car. It happened in Detroit.

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