After living on the streets this neglected German Shepherd finally discovers what it feels like to have a loving family!


Dogs that we bring into our home quickly become part of the family.

We give them the best we can – countless toys and goodies, nice cozy beds; and would do just about anything to make sure they’re happy. Not everybody thinks of dogs in this way, unfortunately.

A German Shepherd, the dog in the video you’ll see, was left behind on the busy streets of Los Angeles. But luckily this wonderful dog didn’t stay on the streets for very long!


When a rescue organization was notified about a German Shepherd living close to a medical clinic, they didn’t think twice. They were on their way to rescue him the very next second.

The very first thing they did was determine whether the dog, later named Mozart, belonged to someone from the clinic. But they quickly found out that poor Mozart had been homeless for quite some time.


When they found him, Mozart was scared and nervous, and wouldn’t react to food. Once the clinic’s security guards noticed what the rescue team, they jumped into action to help get Mozart into a gated area of the building.

With lots of patience and teamwork, Mozart was finally secured so that he couldn’t run away. Next, the team was able to get him safely and securely in a crate. They took him straight to the hospital.


He was given medical care and a lot of love, and now Mozart is safe and doing well at a foster home. He is ready to be adopted!

Check out his story in a video below!

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