After One Year In His New Forever Home The Dog Who Spent First 15 Years At The End of a Chain Has A Bed In Every Room

Bear is making up for lost time and getting the royal treatment in his new home. Photo: Kerrie Rosenfeld

Bear is a sweet old dog who had spent his whole life out in his owners’ backyard on the end of a chain on Long Island, NY. The Guardians of Rescue, having heard his story, convinced his owner to let go of the dog so he would have a chance to find a loving, forever home — which is precisely what happened.

Here is a video of Bear the moment he was cut free.

One year after he’s been liberated from chains is living in a home where he shuffles from room to room, happily following his new mom with love and appreciation.

On January 29, 2017, Kerrie Rosenfeld adopted Bear. His experience has been that of royalty ever since. He is living the good life.

“He loves belly rubs, his twice-daily walks, meal time and treat time, and walking from room to room in the house,” Bear’s mom says. “He now has a bed in each room.”

Though he’s had a tough life until now, Rosenfeld says he has quite a bit of energy.

“He doesn’t know he’s not a puppy!” says Rosenfeld. “He LOVES to run! Must be because he didn’t have a chance to do it before when he was chained up.”

Bear lives a life of puppiccinos, toys, time by the fireplace. Rosenfeld gives him whatever he wants. And Bear follows her everywhere. He is full of gratitude.


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