An Adorable Little Baby Ding Everything He Can To Get A Kiss From A Big Doberman


A lot of people think that bigger dogs like Dobermans shouldn’t be anywhere near small children. But that’s totally not fair at all.

Source: YouTube screenshot

Introducing children to pets at a young age is very important. This way they can understand that it’s incredibly important to treat animals with as much care and respect as other humans. They are, after all, members of the family.

When this little boy approaches the family dog to say hello, the dobie seems to be a little preoccupied with something else… almost definitely food. But this baby? He’s trying to spend some time with his beloved canine pal.

All this little boy wants? Just one kiss. That’s all! The pup? All he’s got on his mind at this moment is whatever meal his humans are preparing off-screen.

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