Annoyed Cat Stops Dog’s Barking In Truly Hilarious Way


Felines and canines have been “enemies” since the beginning of time. It’s no surprise we use the phrase ‘fighting like cats and dogs’ to describe an epic battle of wills. When it comes to temperament and behavior, these two animals couldn’t have less in common. Still, somehow, they manage to communicate— like in following adorable video, where a tiny dog gets this cat’s message LOUD AND CLEAR.

The 50-Second-Clip, Uploaded By Devon Meadows, Shows Chazz, A Tiny Pup, Standing On A Bed And Barking Like Crazy. The Footage Is From Meadows’ Security Camera Which Captured The Events That Occurred While The Family Was Away.

“My wife, Ashley, and I have been monitoring our pup at home to get a sense of how much barking he’s been doing,” Meadows wrote in the video’s description.

Chazz, The Little Poodle, Seems Very Excited About… Well, Nothing. As He Stands On The Bed, Barking Excitedly Towards The Corner. The Little Pup Is Happy As Can Be, But, Apparently, Another Household Resident Isn’t Too Pleased With The Noise.

Source: Video Screenshot

At Roughly 15-Seconds Through The Video, You See Meadow’s Cat Greyscale Hop Onto The Bed In An Exaggerated Manner And Gets Right In The Little Pup’s Face And Tells Him To Shut Up. The Cat Doesn’t Swipe Or Hiss At Chazz. In Fact, He Just Gets Up Right Close To The Dog And Gives Him A Long, Mean Look. You Can Tell By The Chazz’s Guilty Expression That This Scenario Has Likely Happened Before…

Source: Video Screenshot

When Greyscale is sure that Chazz has gotten the message, he hops off the bed to go his own way. Just to make sure the dog isn’t gonna start yelling again though, Greyscale turns around to take another peek.

Excited Little Chazz Lets Out A Little Squeak At The Cat’s Sudden Attention. And Greyscale Immediately Lifts Himself On The Edge Of The Bed, As If To Say, “Don’t You Make Me Come Back There.”

Source: Video Screenshot

The Interaction Between These Two Is Hilarious. Usually, You Think Of Dogs As The King Of The Castle, But This Tough Little Kitty Has Absolutely No Problem Letting Chazz Know Who’s Boss.

I think more people should record their pets while they’re not at home. I’m sure the internet’s missing out on a ton of great footage like this!

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