Baby Goat Caught On Camera With A Spring In Its Step…CUTE «Happy Dance»


Newborn pygmy goats do their «Happy Dance.»

Source: YouTube screenshot

Baby goats are completely underrated. They’re just as cute as baby horses, and they’re so much more fun. Take, for example, this little guy. He’s out playing with his family when suddenly he decides to get a little bit of boogie in his step and has to show it off to everyone. Thank goodness his owners decided to grab their camera and start recording this little guy.

I think this behavior is more to do with coping with their natural environment. Goats in the wild tend toward mountainous regions and this hopping activity is more an evolutionary adaptation so they learn quickly how to navigate steep, rocky terrain. You’ll note they also tend to want to jump up on things. This is also part of that adaptation.

Check out the adorable video below and you’ll be smiling for the rest of the day!

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