Cat Steals Bed From A 10-Week-Old Bulldog Puppy — Results In Cutest “Battle” Ever


When it comes to home and possessions, some of us can be a bit territorial. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with protecting what is yours, but sometimes people can get attached to things that aren’t theirs, things that belong to other animals— like a bulldog puppy’s bed, for instance!

Pixel is a 10-week-old French bulldog that lives with his humans in Poland. A few years ago, the tiny pup entered into a delightful battle for his dog bed against a full-grown feline opponent.

Source: Video Screenshot

The adorable video shows a confused Pixel eyeing out the regal-looking cat that is laying in his bed. The little puppy playfully observes the kitty for a few seconds, not too sure what to do.

Realizing that the kitty isn’t getting out of the bed easily, Pixel decides he’s going to take it back by force. The adorable little pup clamps on to the side of it, playing a kind of tug-of-war with his thoroughly unimpressed feline opponent. The cute bulldog puppy tugs with all his might, slowly pulling the cat (and his bed) across the floor. Although the feline opponent slightly raises its front paw, you’ve gotta give her some credit for patience— not once does she bat the playful pup.

Source: Video Screenshot

Meanwhile, the cat is completely calm most of the time, blatantly trying to ignore the pup as he tugs with all the gusto he can muster. I assume the battle continued for quite some time. At one point, you see a cutscene and the cat is now cozily lounged in the bed. Pixel, for his part, just won’t give up.

Source: Video Screenshot

After a strenuous battle, Pixel realizes he won’t be able to dethrone the kitty Queen. And suddenly bored of the duel, he bounds off to find to find another place he can rest.

The video has been viewed over 4 MILLION times. People can’t seem to get enough of Pixel’s determination and the kitty’s thoroughly unimpressed face.

“I like how the cat was ready to paw him at one moment in the video but then he was like ‘Naah, this young mortal enemy of mine is amusing to watch. Let him drag me around the floor as I usurp the throne.”

“He should have just hopped in bed with the cat. There was enough room for them both!”

“Oh my gosh I love this cute video. I love the nonplussed behavior of the cat.”

Watch their heartwarming “battle” below!

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