Dad sees huge mess on the floor, then his huskies begin arguing after he asked who did it!


Most dogs give away their guilt… These guys are good liars thought!

Source: YouTube screenshot

Siberian Huskies were bred to be work dogs. Their thick coats and boundless energy was specifically bred in them so that they could work as sled dogs in harsh, cold conditions. Nowadays they rarely have to pull sleds through the snow. They usually lead a comfortable life in the confines of their homes. But their excess energy can manifest itself through various mischievous behaviors.

The Huskies in the following video had been quite naughty. Phoenix and Dakota were caught by their owner at the crime scene. One of them had made a huge mess in the house, ripping up paper and throwing it all over the place. When asked which one of them is guilty, they kept howling in unison. It was as though they were blaming each other. But when he asked if both of them had made the mess, the Huskies fell silent. Maybe they had been partners in crime all along!

Take a look at these adorable pups in the video below!

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